Fixed 100% CPU Useage NOT FIXED in 1.9.2

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    I am reporting this bug again as the first attempt it was marked as fixed, it isn't and then it was moved into the Fixed forum which is read only.

    For reference please see the initial bug report:

    For more information see here Bug Report Template

    Build: v1.9.2 4016
    Mode: ALL (Survival, Creative, main menu)


    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Major -> Crash (1.9 release is unplayable)

    Type:Global (including main menu)


    Game uses 100% CPU all the time. Memory use continues to climb, using all available memory leading to eventual crash.


    From the initial report:
    Something bad has happened since 1.9. This is a new install, fresh from Steam with no previous install (new purchase for this system). Start the game and at the main menu the CPU will sit at 70% use. Start a new game and the CPU use will jump to 100% and stay there roasting the system's CPU.

    In contrast, version 1.8.15 (I downloaded an old manifest from Steam to test) runs at 30% at the menu and 35% during the game session (Survival/Creative). There have been no OS changes, video card driver updates or patches.

    Also in 1.9.1 the memory use just climbs and climbs. This system has 16G of RAM, only 6% being used for OS/Steam. Within 5 minutes of starting a new session Empyrion is pushing 14G and slowly climbing. Within 45 minutes the "low memory" warning will show up and shortly after that things freeze, fail or generally crash.

    I've tested multiple video configurations and while some do increase the memory load, even at the lowest resolution with all options at "off" or "low" the 100% CPU and runaway memory use persists.

    There are multiple posts about this in the Steam forums, but I couldn't find any bug reports here. From what I can read the many server admins are ready to pull the plug on Empyrion if there isn't a quick fix to this issue. (100% CPU use is killing their systems)
    Additional information:

    I've since been doing some digging into previous releases and the problem starts after 1.9 Experimental 3 (build 4004). 1.9E3 works as 1.8.15, under 5% CPU load at the main menu, 35-40% CPU during the game.

    Starting with the release candidate the CPU jumps to 70% at the main menu and pegs the CPU hard at 100% at any game (Creative, Survival, etc.). This doesn't take any action, just start the game and the CPU jumps to 70%, start a game and 100% CPU. Always, every time.

    I did a diff between 1.9E3 (4004) and 1.9RC (4012) and there are MAJOR dll changes and additions between these two versions. One which raises my eyebrows is in the config file for mono:
    <!-- Some .net base class library code pinvokes into api-ms-win-core-threadpool-l1-2-0.dll. The only thing this library does is forward the call
    to kernel32.dll (on windows desktop, versions on other platforms might forward elsewhere. Unfortunately this library did not ship with windows7.
    We're using the dll remap functionality in this file to have mono directly route these calls into kernel32, just like the library would do so that
    the BCL code that relies on this can work on windows7 again. This functionality that does not work without this workaround includes NamedServerPipeStream.
    <dllmap dll="api-ms-win-core-threadpool-l1-2-0.dll" target="kernel32.dll" os="windows"/>
    api-ms-win-core-threadpool just redirecting to the 32 bit kernel? Ding ding ding....

    Also the ScriptingAssemblies.json file points to a WHOLE bunch of new dlls that were never tested before the "Release Candidate". These should have been tested before they were rolled out.

    This was just a couple of items I found. There are significant changes in dlls between 1.9E3 (4004) and 1.9RC(4012). These changes are causing huge problems for everyone who's just trying to have some fun.

    I was watching Spanj's live stream last night and I believe this issue is why his video card overheated and shutdown the live stream in the middle. He identified that his video card was running at 95-100% all the time. I believe this is very much related.


    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Start game. Visit Windows task manager, note CPU use.
    2) Load any session. Visit Windows task manager, note CPU at 100%.
    3) Shut off Empyrion before CPU melts through the floor.

    Screenshots, Crash Logs, any other Relevant Information or Download links:

    Images from the previous report:

    This is the CPU load just sitting at the main menu:

    And when ANY level is loaded in:
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    +1 for this. while I haven't had crashes, the recent update seems to provide minimal improvement, if any, as far as using resources. Fans are still running on full blast, hoping my computer doesn't explode.
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    A fix for this use case will be available very soon.
    I'll update again when it's ready.
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    I just checked my game after reading your post, was curious.
    My pc uses 5% at main menu and about 35% in game.
    I have 16 gig ram but at this time i only have half textures used.

    Until there is a fix, if you did not try it already, suggest setting textures to half and see if that helps.

    ( i need to update my signature later because that's my old pc aha, I been away a while)
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    All the textures have been turned down. I have the same configuration for all my tests in 1.8.15 and 1.9.0 - 1.9.2. In fact I've found out this issue started with 1.9 RC. 1.9 experimental 3 did not have the issue (once again all the same configuration). When checking the differences between 1.9.e3 and 1.9RC, there are huge DLL updates across the board. There are also multiple changes to the configs to Mono (backend engine). This seems to be strictly a Windows platform issue. Maybe something the updates don't like with Windows 7? (And no, I'm not updating to the latest Micro$oft spyware)
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    I have just tested the new 1.9.3 (forgot to note the build number) and things look good again. Back around 30% at the menu and maxes out at 75% during game play. I also noted the memory footprint looks better as well (it was hovering at just under 9G of RAM which is also an improvement.

    I haven't done a long session yet, but in the 15 minute quick test play-through with an old save file it looked good.

    I'd say "Fixed" at this point.

    Thank you!


    I played through my save game (from 1.8.15) and other than my sniper rifle now being a plasma cannon, everything looks good. I played for around 4 hours and took out a Pirate PIO with no CPU issues.
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