CURRENTLY not reproducible Physics affects landed ships on planets even when terrain has not yet loaded

Discussion in 'Currently not reproducible' started by RedScourge, Oct 13, 2022.

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    Posting this as I cannot find a bug report for it, delete or merge if this is a known issue

    Build: all since at least Alpha 11 when I started putting serious hours into playing
    Mode: Survival
    Mode: MP

    SERVER NAME: all
    SEED-ID: all
    If applicable:

    Reproducibility: Always
    Severity: Medium

    Type: Physics

    Summary: Landed ships are affected by physics and fall even if there should be stable terrain or base below them, because the game will apply physics before the terrain or base below it has finished loading it, causing it to fall.

    Description: When you land a large ship on a mountain, or on a landing pad at or below the terrain level, then move far enough away that the ship unloads, then return, the ship will begin to tumble, even though it is supposed to be securely landed. One of the most significant consequences of this issue is that it tends to render most repair bays useless unless you use them exclusively in space, or stay nearby for the duration of the repair.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Spawn in a reasonably sized CV on a landing pad on uneven terrain, perhaps as part of a larger base extending further off to one side
    2) Move far enough away that the terrain begins to unload, in a direction so that the base unloads before the CV does
    3) Move back close enough so that the CV appears, and watch it begin to tumble.
    4) If the issue does not occur, spawn the CV directly on a mountaintop, move away, move back, and observe.
    5) If the issue STILL does not occur, flatten the peak of a mountain with drills or whatever, before spawning a CV on it, and try again.

    Suggested fix:

    Disable physics/gravity from affecting ships in a planet/moon playfield until a player is within a somewhat smaller distance than the load/unload distance, perhaps 10%, so that the terrain and nearby structures have time to load in first.
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    We are not able to trigger this in MP when following the provided steps.
    What could possibly help us is for triggering this in a debugging environment is for you to leave your character standing in the location it happens, close the server down & create a back up copy of the save game & send us a link to it so we can load in to it in the location you are seeing this happen & try to trigger it form there.
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