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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 1.6.1 in which we fixed some bugs, made a few tweaks and added a feature or two. For example admins are now able to look up and relocate a vessel within a playfield.

Stay tuned for more info about the upcoming feature updates.

Hint: We aim to make the game start more interesting and challenging ;)

Changelog: Alpha 1.6.1 (Build 433)

Changes / Improvements:
- Rebalanced mechanical drill:
* Increased drill distance from 2m to 3m
* Now uses Bio Fuel
* Increased charge from 750 to 850
* Reduced volume of drill by 30%
- Added more Bio Fuel to Escape Pod content (removed old drill charge)
- Memory Optimization for setting of Block Names in Control Panel
- Adapted info text for minigun turret CV (before wrong info)
- Removed in-game message that one cannot run with active jetpack
- Added 'find' and 'setposition' console commands to be able to restore lost CV/SV/HV
- Changed console command "list perm": before command only showed Steam IDs, now remembers and displays player names if player was online at least once
- On removal of a constructor with auto-crafting feature already produced intermediate items are now also dropped
- All devices starting with level 12 are now available in the Advanced Constructor only

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Deconstructing an "old" Large constructor did not return resources
- Fixed: Letters are mirrored on sloped sides of Ramp Bottom and Ramp Top
- Fixed: Error when going back from CP vessel statistics to CP and to vessel statistics again
- Fixed: T1 drill could not be picked up when thrown away
- Fixed: Missing food category in new Small Constructor
- Fixed: Error when opening an old type Food Processor
- Fixed: Players without faction were not attacked by turrets any more
- Fixed: Large Seaweed did not trigger PDA task
- Fixed: Lava is counted as "source" for O2 generator, H2O2 generator and water generator
- Fixed: Possible to eat the templates of food items
- Fixed: Constructor filters translate to all constructors
- Fixed: Opening the control panel on very large structures lead to an error and the block grouping was not working
- Fixed: Problem with planet description New Game menu
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

First of all, thanks a lot for spreading the word about the Free Weekend. We have seen a lot of new players tipping their toes into Empyrion Galactic Survival and we gathered loads of valuable feedback. This has been a blast for us in so many ways, we just want to thank everyone who has either played or helped by creating reviews and detailed feedback reports!

We do NOT want to stop here, because your feedback is vital to the game's progress! As we cannot have a free weekend every week, and, as we have learned, some of you may not be comfortable with writing publicly in a forum, we decided to put up a global GAME FEEDBACK SURVEY over here:


This survey is entirely anonymized and we will update the survey itself and/or add new surveys over there to gather even more feedback. So please take a few minutes of your time and help to make a great game awesome ;-)

Said that, we have not taken a rest in the meantime, but immediately started working on a few feature updates and even more bugfixes!

Major changes are as follows:

1. The Large and Small Constructor and the Food Processor were upgraded. All newly placed Constructors and Food Processors will now produce the intermediate items on their own - as long as you added enough base materials like ore or ingots. You do not need to craft all components manually anymore. Old constructors need to be replaced as they cannot be upgraded automatically. To answer another question which may arise from this change: we plan to balance the constructors in a different way in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic. The Survival Constructor has not been changed.
2. All Terrain Placeable Devices can now be picked up, including the Survival Constructor. Items in the inventory will drop in a box.
3. Food can now be stacked. This is our first draw and it works like this: If you add a food item with perish time 10 to a food item with perish time 6, the stack will get the perish time 8 (10+6 divided by 2). All Items in this stack will now perish with the same countdown. We chose to go this route, because this should be easy understandable and also allows to stack items with the same perish time without having a negative side effect.
4. Consumables (like Food) can now be consumed from your inventory. Just use SHIFT+RightMouse click on any consumable!

There are more changes in the works. And in 2-3 weeks, when all the feedback got...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Only a month ago, we released Alpha 1.0, which was (by now) the biggest update in the still young history of "Empyrion - Galactic Survival". Even if you are not a frequent player, you might have wondered why we were pushing updates day after day for the last weeks, adding entirely new features and driving some of the server admins mad (sorry guys!).

The reasons are twofold: First, we have given you a promise in that we will polish the game after the initial Alpha 1.0 release. Second, we have added so many cool new features to the game that we wanted to allow ALL interested players to tip their toe into the fully renewed Alpha of Empyrion - Galactic Survival. Said that, and without further ado, we are starting into a Free Weekend on Steam... RIGHT NOW!

So please tell your friends & family, share this post and spread the word:

EVERYONE can play "Empyrion - Galactic Survival" FOR FREE this weekend starting now: http://store.steampowered.com/app/383120

Have fun everyone! :)


Empyrion Dev Team

New main features/improvements added since Alpha 1.0:

- Save your game from in-game (new backup created, not overwritten!)
- Added extensive Knowledge base to PDA (F1, then click on the arrow next to the Knowledge base entry to open)
- Any device can now be accessed and managed via the control panel (refill fuel tanks in mid-flight or enter turrets while hiding in a save spot)
- Contents of devices now dropped when destroyed or de-constructed (Inventory items do not get lost any more!)
- Devices can be renamed (only for grouped items)
- EAC protection enabled (can be deactivated via Options -> MISC)
- Server browser now has a History and a Friends tab
- Server browser now shows all settings of the selected server per default

- NPC group attack behavior added
- Basic meals can now be cooked in the small constructor
- Normal Thrusters can now be crafted in the small constructor
- Status effects/diseases are now shown as icons
- Status effects/diseases last longer
- Added chainsaw to starting equipment (Fresh Start)
- Space drones now leave behind a wreck which can be looted
- Added destructible teleporters for POI defenders/reinforcements

Handling and Info:
- Added new advanced Statistics view to Control Panel (button on the lower right area)
- Auto-Align vessel to horizon (hold O)
- Biomes are shown below the Radar Map (top right HUD)
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Hi guys,

Before our special event that will start tonight at 7pm CEST (10am PDT), we released another patch.

Changelog: Alpha 1.5.4 (Build 424)

Changes / Improvements:
- Tweaks to Food Poisoning: no self-grown vegetable/fruit can give you Food Poisoning any more. Reduced probability to get Food Poisoning for other food items
- Talon Guardians are now in "Prey" faction
- Updated Knowledge Base in PDA (fixed typos, tweaked some images)
- Stock Blueprints are now spawned with turrets not active

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed error that sometimes occurred when interacting with items in cargo boxes / ammo boxes and other containers (e.g. Fridge, Constructor etc)
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Hi everyone,

We released Alpha 1.5.3 with another round of bug fixes and tweaks. Tomorrow, you will understand why we had daily updates this week.

Changelog: Alpha 1.5.3 (Build 422)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added enhanced Server Browser with History and Friends lists
- Added first draft of Knowledge Base to PDA
- Added new stock Blueprints: SV, HV and CV (thanks to Mr.IceCat)
- Showing player ID when using "di" console command
- Showing error message if not able to access something from control panel (e.g. trying to access a turret in a CV when you are not sitting in cockpit or passenger seat)
- Added missing groups to Control Panel: now all devices should be in groups when using "auto-group"

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed container content duplication exploit
- Fixed problem that sometimes elevator was not working when Gravity Generator nearby
- Fixed problem that sometimes turrets still shot through terrain on a dedicated server
- Fixed problem that amount of max structures in window "Choose Starter Planet" was not shown correctly
- Fixed LOD groups on Wheat and Corn
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released Alpha 1.5.2 with a second round of bug fixes and tweaks.

From now on, you can rename your devices in the control panel:

The new Tier 1 starter base:

It needs very few resources and is crafted in about 17min:

New lootable damaged model for the space drones:

Changelog: Alpha 1.5.2 (Build 419)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added possibility to rename devices in Control Panel. Please note that this is a first iteration with some limitations: (a) auto grouping will remove custom names and (b) renaming is only possible for devices that are in groups
- Added structure count and sorting to window "Choose Starting Planet" when connecting to a dedicated server for the first time: planets with few structures are sorted first, planets with higher difficulty are sorted back
- Added lootable damage model to space drones
- Added new community builds: Tier 1 Starter Base - thanks to Hummel-o-War and SV to Creative Orbit (Empty) - thanks to Arturius1967
- Added better icons to Selection Buttons (arrow / text input icon)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that Control Panel groups were not retained when a Blueprint was spawned on a dedicated server
- Fixed problem that sometimes thrusters lost thrust when turned with mouse
- Fixed several errors that occurred when interacting with inventory items
- Fixed problem that Shift+Click of items into inventory did not update item count
- Fixed problem that mining resources did not correctly update item count and other related issues
- Fixed problem that empty ammo stacks were still shown in inventory and clicking on / hovering over them resulted in an error
- Fixed problem that Food Processor did not drop its content if removed/destroyed
- Fixed problem that Holographic Screens did not return the correct materials when deconstructed
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Hi guys,

We have hotfixed some bugs from yesterday's Alpha 1.5 release and made a few tweaks.

Changes / Improvements:
- Turrets automatically activate themselves when accessing them
- Major optimizations when firing at structures and triggering a lot of damage
- Reduced probability to get Food Poisoning for many food items
- Growlight is now at tech level 3 (instead of 5)
- Added damage model to Turret Robot when it gets killed

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that turrets did not fire accurately
- Fixed problem that the ammo for the new plasma cannon could not be crafted in the constructor
- Fixed perish timer not showing correct values
- Fixed some internal errors on a dedicated server
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are excited to present you our new update Alpha 1.5 with a lot of shiny new features, changes & improvements and bug fixes. Overall it is a very diverse update.

A highly requested feature was the possibility to save your current game state while being in-game. This is now possible: Each time you click on the save button it will create a new backup (you can later clean up your games in the Resume Game menu. Manual copies made inside the Resume Game menu have now "_Copy" as a suffix to differentiate them from in-game backups _Backup).

Another highly requested feature was that the content of a device (e.g. cargo box, ammo container, constructor) should be dropped when this device is destroyed. Moreover, we added private faction protection to the Survival Constructor so that it can now only be used by the player that placed it (no more griefing). We also added the possibility to have settings for infinite drone waves that will attack your base - if you enable this setting in the corresponding playfield.yaml, the drone attacks will only cease if you destroy the drone base. In addition, status effects such as food poisoning, poisonous bit, open wound etc are more of a threat now because the last longer. You now really need the appropriate remedy to survive.

Finally, we fixed several annoying bugs like the “shooting through terrain” of POI turrets in multiplayer, the fact that drones fell through the terrain when shot in multiplayer, the Offline Protection exploit, the problem that no / very few predators were spawning and several other bugs as documented in the changelog below.

The new spiders:

Don't let them bit you - when you get infected, the new status effects can drain your health quite a bit:


The interior of one of the new alien-infested POIs:

Some of the new holographic screens:

CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.5.0

New Features:
- Added in-game backups for single player
- Added new feature that the content of a device (e.g. cargo box, ammo container, constructor etc) is dropped in a box when this device is destroyed
- Added new alien insect (barren planet)
- Added 3 spider NPCs (spawned on e.g. Akua, Omicron, Alien and several other planets)
- Added several new POIs (thanks to Dead8Eye):
* one very well...
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Hi everyone,

We have released Alpha 1.4.4 in which we have (hopefully) fixed the so-called "Faction Bug". Thank you very much for all your bug reports.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: "Faction Bug"
- Fixed: Turret Robot directly vanished after being killed and immediately re-spawned on Spawner Block (now re-spawn delay is set to 2min). Note: we temporarily replaced the Turret Robot spawners with Crogohm spawners (will take effect only in new games) until we have integrated a proper damage model
- Fixed problem with missing explosion on Space Drone and Turret Robot on a Dedicated Server
- Fixed several internal errors on a Dedicated Server
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Hi everyone!

Based on your feedback regarding the "Faction Bug" in Multiplayer, we were able to add even more checks and additional debug info to the game code and output logs. Keep sending in feedback and bug reports to support[at]empyriongame[dot]com and we'll for sure track down the "Faction Bug" very soon.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed another exception on dedicated server that could block a playfield
- Fixed error when using 'kick' console command