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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

Today, we want to talk about a topic that is already controversially discussed in the community: Server-Monetarization aka Perks and Donation-Bundles, which are sold by a few server owners.

We know that renting a server from a company or hosting a server on your own means paying fees and having to take care of anything related 24/7 – without being paid. Because of that we are OK if you charge a standard fee from players using your servers and if you are accepting donations.

We don’t and we won’t limit you artificially in your very personal idea on how to keep your server community happy and how you want to fund your server. That’s what makes the difference between just having standard servers available and having a great multiplayer community with lots of virtual universes to play in!

But we also want to make sure that everyone in our growing community is sharing the same attitude and having the same understanding of what is possible and what not, concerning selling stuff as a so called “3rd Party”- and the resulting liabilities.

For this, we have set up three simple rules that all server owners have to follow:

You are allowed to change, remove, enable or disable any gameplay element or feature in any way that fits you or your team’s idea on how your server world should work for your players. This applies to all features, blocks, options, settings that are in the game by default.

You are NOT allowed to sell such removed or disabled gameplay elements, etc. back to a paying part of your server community.

If you modify the game in any way and sell perks, timesavers or bundles, you need to make a clear statement about who you are and that you are not associated with Eleon Game Studios. This is necessary to avoid misconceptions about whom to contact, who is running the server and who is selling the stuff and is receiving funds.
Please add such a disclaimer to your web / store page and in blog posts in which you are referring to your store or paid bundles related to the game.

CLOSING STATEMENT: These rules are in place as of today. They may change in the course of the development due to new or changed features.

PLEASE NOTE: Even when selling digital stuff or when accepting donations, these transactions need to apply to your locale and national business rules, tax and other legal stuff. In your own interest, make sure your...
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Hi guys,

We have just released another small patch that addresses the problem with endless loading screen in single player and multiplayer. You should now be able to continue your save games and re-login to your dedicated server. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Changelog: Alpha 2.0.3 (Build 484)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem with endless loading screen (single player and multiplayer)
- Fixed possible exception after offers were removed from Recent or Pending lists

Changes / Improvements:
- Armored windows and shutter windows are now also allowed on SV / HV
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Hi guys,

We just released another patch that should now solve the problem regarding the occasional crashes and subsequent corrupted save games (you should now be able to resume these corrupted save games). In addition, we made a few tweaks and improvements.

Thanks to all who sent us their output logs. It helps us big time!!!

Changelog: Alpha 2.0.2 (Build 482)

Improved Marketplace:
- allowed all simple items (that don't need to be crafted) for use in Marketplace (e.g. Ores, Fiber etc)
- items that a player cannot buy due to missing tech tree unlock are no longer displayed in marketplace
- changed name of tabs into: "Wanted" / "For Sale" / "Recent"
- limited offers to the maximum amount that an item can be piled up (e.g., handheld weapons = 1, thruster = 5, etc)
- made price column right-aligned
- credits abbreviation is now in capital letters ("CR")

Other Changes / Improvements:
- Resource meteorites are now only spawned on a dedicated server (and not in singleplayer anymore)
- Added 3 hangar doors with an uneven number of blocks in width
- Flashlight is now unlocked from the beginning
- SV Tier 1 does not need Sathium anymore (no hardened steel blocks used anymore)
- Small O2 Tank (BA/CV) has now 5 slots (instead of 2 slots)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed crash linked to decoration that sometimes appeared and subsequently corrupted save game
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Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Dying on some planets leads to endless loading screen
- Fixed crash that sometimes appeared on a dedicated server and subsequently blocked a playfield

Changes / Improvements:
- Updated stock prefab CV Tier 1+3
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Only 2 months ago we made our big step from Pre-Alpha to Alpha 1.0. Today, we are releasing Alpha 2.0 to the public, adding much asked features like Difficulty Settings for Single- and Multiplayer, a first set of Hangardoors, an Upgrade Tool and even a first draft of a Player-2-Player Marketplace (Player-2-NPC Trade will follow in future updates).

We also upgraded the Game Engine itself and moved to Unity 5.3, which we hope will lead to a more stable server environment and will resolve some persisting kinks and quirks, that were a direct result of the older Unity version.

Said that, please keep in mind that, although everyone on the internal QA team and the external public and experimental testers have done their best to track down bugs, this is still an ALPHA. Please keep on reporting bugs and issues to our forums and always be as detailed as possible and add any info you remember. Bugs that can be reproduced always have a good chance of getting fixed quickly

What about the promised roadmap?

Back when we released the Alpha 1.0, we promised you, that development of features will proceed and your feedback will be heard. We are collecting tons of feedback every day, so none of your suggestions is overlooked. In the meantime, we also started to offer you a way, to try out the new additions ahead of the public release and help shaping the game even more with the Experimental Branch version.

In the near future, we’ll go even further and issue a big ‘upcoming-features’ survey, which is not only a way for you to tell us what YOU want to see next in an upcoming big patch. The Survey is also a compendium of the features we have currently evaluated and which have a realistic chance of being implemented in the months to come.

This is not a fixed roadmap, because we do not want to promise fixed dates or sequences of features we might need to break sooner than later and make everybody unhappy. This is more like showing you a road atlas of the streets we want to take sooner or later - together with you!.

Tell us what you think about this approach - but first and foremost, enjoy the Alpha 2.0!


CHANGELOG: Alpha 2.0 (Build 479)

Main Features:

1. Difficulty Settings
You can now change several parameters of the game (e.g. Escape pod content, resource amount, enemy difficulty, crafting speed etc) in single player (via New Game menu) or multiplayer (via...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

The Alpha 2.0 release is getting closer and we want to give you some sneak previews on what you can expect from the upcoming big update of Empyrion.

The following main features will be added to Alpha 2.0:
1. Difficulty Settings for singleplayer and multiplayer games, including different Escape Pod loadouts.
2. Persistent Player-2-Player marketplace. Also adding gold as a new resource and ingame credits as a currency for trading.
3. Upgrade feature for building blocks and devices added to the Remove and Repair tool, now referred to as "Multitool".
4. First set of hangar doors for Bases and Capital Vessels, as well as new and reworked interior doors (e.g. glass door)

Enjoy these short teaser videos for a sneak preview:

New Hangar Doors:

Upgrade Tool:

Difficulty Settings:


Head over to our Alpha Experimental Branch forum for the full changelog of Alpha 2.0: http://empyriononline.com/threads/alpha-experimental-2-0-0-build-475.6515/

If you want to help testing Alpha 2.0 or just try the new features before they get released to the public, read on here: http://empyriononline.com/threads/new-experimental-branch-on-steam.6371/
and join our official "Eleon Studios - Experimental Branch Test Server".

Thanks in advance for your feedback and bug reports!

Empyrion Dev Crew
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EDIT: June 11, 2016
We just released another small patch:

CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.7.2 (Build 456)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that console cmd "replaceblocks" could be executed by everyone on a server. Now it can be executed only by admins (however, we do not recommend to use this command on a server)


Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Today we are not only releasing a small Patch for some Alpha 1.7 issues, but we have also added a new (experimental) console command that needs a bit of explanation: REPLACEBLOCKS
We have introduced new steel blocks with the last update. Now, if you just have finished a blueprint with several thousand Steel or Hardened Steel blocks, you may have wondered if there is any possibility to upgrade or batch-change certain blocks. Until today, this was not possible and although we are planning to add something like a more sophisticated Block-Upgrade Tool for Survival, we are today adding a quick way for our workshop builders and blueprint creators to update their ships and bases, regarding the steel-based blocks.

1. A clear warning: NEVER ever use this command on ANY of your SERVERS but ONLY in Singleplayer! This command costs A LOT of performance and may crash your server.

2. Blocks that you can replace:
- Normal Steel: "HullFull, HullThin"
- Hardened Steel: "HullArmoredFull, HullArmoredThin"
- Combat Steel: "HullCombatFull, HullCombatThin"
Possible upgrade-downgrade route:
HullFull <-> HullArmoredFull <-> HullCombatFull (all the full block shapes such as Cube, Wedge, Cylinder etc)
HullThin <-> HullArmoredThin <-> HullCombatThin (all the thin block shapes such as Wall, Corner, etc)

3. How to use the command:
The syntax of the command is as follows: (you can see the syntax if you type in HELP REPLACEBLOCKS in the console!)
replaceblocks<entityid><source blockname><target blockname>

1. Open the console and type DI to activate the info-panel on top of the screen
2. Point at the Vessel or Base you want to work on. The DI-panel will show you its ID. Note it down! (We’ll use 1201 for this example)
3. Now find the name of the source and target blocks in the list attached to this post
4. If we want to change all Hardened Steel to Combat Armor, type in: "replaceblocks 1201 HullArmoredFull HullCombatFull" & "replaceblocks 1201 HullArmoredThin HullCombatThin"

The process will be...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

This Monday we have opened up our Experimental Branch for everyone to try and test the upcoming features. Today, the former experimental version has moved over to all the public servers and single player games out there, adding Combat Armor, an Emergency O2 Generator, a new Tier 2 Remove and Repair Tool, Armored Windows and Doors and a lot of optimizations, balancing and bugfixes!

The Experimental Branch is still available and will be updated soon with new features! So keep an eye on the forum of our Alpha Experimental Branch right here: http://empyriononline.com/forums/#experimental-branch.33

We will stick to our new workflow: Adding features to a non-public internal version, then moving the build to the Experimental Branch for testing and refining with a larger audience, then adding the refined version as a Public Patch for everyone to play!

On behalf of the whole dev team, thanks a lot for reporting issues and bugs, either with the Experimental or the Public Version!

Stay tuned for more updates and blogs upcoming the next days!

CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.7.0 (Build 451)

- Added combat steel blocks for BA + CV (handheld weapons cannot destroy combat steel blocks - except rocket launcher)
- Added first set of armored windows (not destructible by handheld weapons): added thick versions of vertical windows + old shutter windows are now armored windows (more window shapes in production)
- Added armored door (not destructible by handheld weapons)
- Added Emergency O2 Generator (needs Oxygen Atmosphere). Added "AtmosphereO2" parameter to playfield.yamls (for old single player save games: default of 0.1 is used, for old multiplayer save games: you need to start a new game to make use of this device or add AtmosphereO2 manually to the corresponding playfield.yamls)
- Added T2 Repairtool (slightly nerfed T1 Repairtool )

Graphics and Settings:
- Added new screen effects: Bloom, Image Processing Effect and SSAO (can be disabled in Settings)
- More individual Video Options for different quality settings
- Added PBR Shader for building blocks and terrain
- Increased Light Intensity on several playfields
- Added new start setting for Omicron Orbit (Creative Mode): new CV, SV, HV (thanks to Mr.IceCat and Piddlefoot)
- Updated model for Ammo Boxes
- Updated model for Oxygen/Hydrogen Generators
- Updated model for Gravity Generator
- Updated model for Power Generators...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

You may have wondered why we have been relatively quiet in the past 2 weeks. For a reason…
We were working hard on a new version and we have decided to let you participate in the on-going development. Thus, we have added a separate Steam branch, which includes the in-development version of the game! This so called “Experimental Branch” will make our yet finished, internal prototype features available to the public for everyone to test and to contribute. This is kind of our shared public workbench where we aim to fix and improve the big features to come with your dedicated help.

HOW TO CHANGE to the Steam Experimental branch?
1. Open your Steam library
2. Right-Mouse Click on the Empyrion Entry and open the PROPERTIES
3. Head over to the BETAS tab
4. Select the ‘Experimental - Unstable Test Branch’ from the dropdown and wait for the download to be finished.
5. If Steam does not download the update, open the tab LOCAL FILES and verify your steam cache! This should kick off the download.
You’ll then notice a [experimental] tag added next to your steam library game entry!

Important Disclaimer: Please read before switching to the Experimental branch

- UNSTABLE: Although there is no NDA to be signed or any specific invitation necessary to access this branch, anyone playing on the Experimental Branch should expect bugs, technical issues, stability problems, frequent updates, lots of small and big changes and even temporary removal of features.

- COMPATIBILITY: Of course you can revert back to the public branch at any time – but there is a high chance, your experimental branch savegames are broken or at least not working when downgrading to the public version (Depending on how big the changes between both versions are at this point).

- DISCUSSIONS: Join and contribute to the new Alpha Experimental features by giving us your feedback here: http://empyriononline.com/forums/experimental-features-discussion.35

- UPDATES: We will announce every release of a new version (with the corresponding changelog) on the Experimental branch in this thread: http://empyriononline.com/forums/announcements.36
Suscribe to this thread if you want to get notified when a new update is released.

- BUG REPORTS: Have fun and do not forget to report bugs in the specific "Experimental Branch" bug section of the forum: http://empyriononline.com/forums/bugs.34

Changelog: Alpha Experimental...
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Hi everyone!

We released a small patch (Alpha 1.6.2) that should improve performance when many vessels are in one playfield. In addition, we have a potential fix for crashing playfield servers when other CVs are entering it.

Changelog: Alpha 1.6.2 (Build 436)

Changes / Improvements:
- Optimization: Improved performance when many vessels are in 1 playfield
- Updated model for Survival Constructor
- Added new Stock Prefab CV Tier 2: Thanks to Mr.IceCat (old CV Tier 2 is now Tier 3)
- Added group block count to group display in control panel
- Constructor display improvement: If an item cannot be crafted because of missing input items, the already existing amount (if any) is displayed behind the total amount needed per input item

Bug Fixes:
- Potential fix for crashing playfield servers when other CVs are entering it
- Fixed error that sometimes appeared when switching from orbit to planet
- Fixed problem that sometimes 3rd Person View was broken when using vessels
- Fixed sound loop issue: 2nd Player hears sound loop
- Fixed problem that repairing a textured block removed texture/color effects
- Fixed problem that opening Food Processor broke Constructor template overview