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Hi everyone,

We just released a new version where we integrated the promised manual console command to convert all blocks automatically. Please note that it is only necessary to convert the old blocks on BA / CV (thus the new command only works on these structures).

How to use the extended replaceblocks cmd:
1. Start a creative game
2. Spawn the blueprint you want to convert
3. Use console cmd "di" to show the id of the entity
4. Use console cmd "replaceblocks" as follows: replaceblocks <EntityID> -alpha4

The command will replace all blocks mentioned in this post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/0/333656722972453685/
Thus, you don't have to type the more than 50 replacement commands by hand :)

Changelog: Alpha 4.0.2 (Build 664)

Changes / Improvements:
- Extended manual console cmd "replaceblocks" to convert all blocks automatically
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We probably found the reason for the inventory crashes and the overall lagginess that experienced some players in Alpha 4. Thanks for all your feedback on this matter - it helped us to fix this problem!

The problems originated from the new UMA characters and the way how their textures are generated (remember you will soon be able to change armor and appearance of your character dynamically in game). For those that already operated at the limit regarding VRAM in pre-Alpha 4, the new UMA character setup was the "straw that broke the camel's back". To fix the problems, we have now reduced the resolution of the textures and force low-res textures on systems that have only 1GB of VRAM.

If you have 2GB of VRAM but you are still experiencing lags and crashes, please set the texture resolution to "half" in the video options.

CHANGELOG: Alpha 4.0.1 (Build 663)

Changes / Improvements:
- Added check on opening Main Menu to force half texture resolution if VRam < 1500mb or DRam < 4500mb
- Reduced resolution of UMA character textures

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Wrong assigned texture on female helmet
- Fixed: Colouring on female armour
- Fixed: Blank menu/background texture on DX9
- Fixed: Preset selecting in options window

P.S. If you are experiencing problems with your blueprints in Alpha 4.0, please bear with us: in Alpha 4.0.2 we will introduce a manual console command that will convert all blocks for those blueprints that were spawned and saved in the experimental version in Builds 639 and 640. For more info, see: http://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/0/333656722972453685
Thus, we suggest to wait before you do the more than 50 replacement commands by hand.
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EDIT: Patch (Build 661)

We released another patch with a potential fix for the crash mentioned below.


Hi everyone,

We just released a new hotfix that hopefully solves at least one major issue ("error on connection to server") currently present.

We tried to fix also the "hard crash when opening player inventory / player setup window" - however, it seems that it still occurs (at least for some players on the experimental branch). Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this crash on our end because none of our machines is affected - so it is difficult to make sure that it is fixed (it seems to happen only on a specific hardware - especially ATI cards with low VRAM).

Nevertheless please let us know if this patch has improved the situation with the inventory crash for you. If you still experience the crash, please try setting Quality Preset to "Fast" under Video Options.

If crash still occurs, can you please attach the following files to an E-mail to [email protected], this will help us immensely with tracking down this issue.

1. Client_<Date-Time>.log, found under <Empyriondir>\Logs\<Buildnumber> (Buildnumber is currently 660)
Easiest way to find this is:
- Right Click on Empyrion in Steam Libray
- Go to Properties
- Go to Local Files Tab
- Click Browse Local Files...
- Navigate to Logs -> 660
- Grab the Client_<DateTime>.log with the latest Date/Time after the crash

2. DXDiag output
Easiest way to find this:
- Press Windows Key+r
- type in dxdiag and press Enter or OK button
- Wait for the Green Progress Bar to complete
- Press Save All Information button
- Save this somewhere accessible and attach to the e-mail

Please Title the e-mail with Player Window/Avatar Crash (and also note if you are using male or female character)

CHANGELOG: Alpha 4.0.1 (Build 660)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error that sometimes occurred when connecting to a server (2nd try)
- Potentially Fixed: Crash that sometimes occurred when accessing player inventory or player setup window (only happening on ATI cards)
- Fixed: Problem that BA blueprint was not spawnable (appearing in red) if rocket turret was placed

P.S. If you are experiencing problems with your blueprints in Alpha 4.0 please check out this thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/383120/discussions/0/333656722972453685
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Hi everyone,

We just released a patch that fixes some bugs introduced in Alpha 4.0. We are working on fixing the remaining bugs.

If you have problems with a blueprint, check these help topics first: https://eleon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/201081145-Knowledge
If this does NOT resolve your issue with RED or ORANGE markers, PLEASE send in your blueprint for review in the bug thread or submit to support.empyriongame.com

Changelog: Alpha 4.0.0 (Build 659)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Error when spawning very large blueprints
- Fixed: Emergency O2 Generator has no map icon
- Fixed: Error that sometimes occurred when connecting to a server
- Fixed: Can not place block at Center of Mass position
- Fixed: Error that sometimes occurred when flying over terrain
- Fixed: Problem that SV and CV did not slide anymore on a planet when tilted

Changes / Improvements:
- Reduced light intensity on player drone and enemy drones
- Added additional hover engines to stock prefab HV Tier 2
- Tweaked textures on male character
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Many of you have already tipped your toes into the Experimental version of Empyrion Alpha 4.0 - so please, ladies and gentlemen, switch to the public version right now!

For everyone else, and because we added a ton of new stuff and a few game-changers, please read on below to get all the info!

We are looking forward to your feedback and, as always: thanks everyone in advance for helping to squash the remaining bugs! :D

Empyrion Dev Team

P.S. We recommend starting a new game in Alpha 4.0. Please note, however, that your old save games are technically compatible in Alpha 4.0 but the visuals (e.g. light intensity - especially during night) will be messed up due to the switch to linear space (see below).

PPS: In any case of a problem with a blueprint, check these help topics first: https://eleon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/201081145-Knowledge
If this does NOT resolve your issue with RED or ORANGE markers, PLEASE send in your blueprint for review in the bug thread or submit to support.empyriongame.com THX A LOT!

PLEASE NOTE: we are going to wipe the official server for a fresh restart in about 12h from now. Spread the word!

Changelog: Alpha 4.0.0 (Build 658)

New Main Features:

1. Auto Mining Device:

- Added terrain-placeable auto-mining device with 3 Tiers
- Possibility to upgrade from T1 through T3
- Mining rate depends on the Tier and the Source Quality (dependent on the size of the deposit)

2. New HV Handling:
- With the new HV handling your HV will now adapt to the ground, i.e., it will no longer remain horizontal if you drive up a hill
- The new hover engines apply a local force below them (somehow like a virtual wheel). Thus, the position of hover engines and distribution of weight plays a big role now
- Added visual overlay for "Center of Mass" and "Center of Vessel" (Use building-helper menu to show; default button: N)
- Added artificial mass block that adds additional weight and can be used to balance the Center of Mass of the vessel for improved flight and hover behavior
- Added T1 and T2 hover engines with new 3d models
- Added Hover Booster device that allows HV to perform jumps (old Hover Engine Model)
- Changed HV...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We have fixed the severe lags on dedicated servers that occurred when opening containers and interacting with devices on busy playfields.

Changelog: Alpha 3.4.2 (Build 623)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Severe server lags (opening containers, interacting with devices etc) on busy playfields
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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We have just released our final round of bug fixes before the next major update of Empyrion.

Changelog: Alpha 3.4.2 (Build 620)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Problem that tags of Bases, POI and Vessels did not vanish when Core was destroyed (structures with 0 blocks will now be removed completely and also their tags on map)
- Fixed: Duplicate exploit in MP related to containers when opening and closing very fast
- Fixed: Black screen problem with blood overlay/damage effect
- Fixed: Drone Base still spawns drones even if Alien Core destroyed
- Fixed: Resuming a game sometimes shows "congrats you have disabled the drone base, there will be no more drone attacks" message
- Fixed: Survival Constructor Item on all planets and orbits visible
- Fixed: Turrets on some bases (e.g. drone base Xenu P1 on Masperon) shooting through terrain in SP and MP
- Fixed: Vessels sometimes flip over when landed on a planet with thrusters still activated
- Fixed: Capital vessels lose steering ability sometimes (CV sometimes suddenly turn extremely slow when using mouse. They sometimes don't even react to using the arrow keys anymore. This can only be resolved by hitting Q/E and dragging the mouse simultaneously.)
- Fixed: HV issues: Shift-Space will get HV stuck in any material ceiling - if you accidentally or on purpose use the Shift-Space jump of a HV in a room with a ceiling that is too low, you will get stuck/glued to the blocks (either steel or terrain)
- Fixed: HV: Boost-Jump still available when Hover Engine removed
- Fixed: Console Spam with error message: "Attempting to update a disabled Reflection Probe. Action will be ignored."
- Fixed: Bottom of randomly placed POIs may have negative y coordinate, therefore teleporting player back to surface when accessing lower levels of POI
- Fixed: Drone bases sometimes spawn below / in a lake
- Fixed: Ships that were built into up direction, getting incorrectly teleported up
- Fixed: Jetpack Exploit: Permanent fly around on planet like a SV (MP/SP)
- Fixed: “SubjectKilled” does not trigger in SP
- Fixed: Mission “No Man on the moon” does not trigger / wrong check
- Fixed: Wrong Asset: Pyramid crystals on Aitis regrow as straight crystals

Changes / Improvements:
- Offline protection shield is now impermeable from both sides
- Player drone can now be spawned when flashlight is equipped
- Pressing horizontal alignment button "O" in space now allows alignment with default space...
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

End of last month, we started our "Upcoming Feature Survey" (http://empyriononline.com/threads/gamescom-2016-recap-and-upcoming-features.7250) The participation was incredible - almost 10'000 surveys were submitted. Are you curious about the results? Here we go:











As already mentioned when starting the survey, the results gives us very valuable feedback that will help us prioritizing the different features. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the survey!

So what's up next?
We are planning to release another small patch with bug fixes next week (keep an eye on the experimental branch where will release the new version this weekend). In parallel, we are working hard on the next big update which will include the following features:
- Mining improvements (auto-mining device)
- Better repair options for vessels
- Faction-based discovery of POI / ore deposits (e.g. if a player discovers an ore deposit it will not be visible for everyone anymore)
- Code locks for different blocks (doors, cargo box, fridge, constructor, passenger seats, etc.)
- LCD screens on which you can write your own text
- Light suit armor for player (we are currently laying the foundations for the customization of the player character)
- Ship and structure overview window
- Switch from gamma to linear color space for better visuals (for more information, see: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/LinearLighting.html)
....and much more

Thanks for reading


Empyrion Dev Team
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Edit: September 18, 2016

We released another patch that fixes some problems with the water shader. It is client-side only - so no need to update your servers.

Changelog: Alpha 3.4.1 (Build 312)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed flickering of water plane after use of color tool
- Fixed line in water shader

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released a small patch that addresses some issues introduced in the last update.

Changelog: Alpha 3.4.1 (Build 309)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: SV cannot undock / cannot undock after Warp
- Fixed: Error that sometimes appeared in Resume Game menu
- Fixed: Error that sometimes appeared when removing last block on a structure
- Fixed: Texture resolution and shadow settings not carrying over when restarting game
- Fixed: On-desk screen flickering on computer table and improved color mask (new deco object)


Server Problems?

Some of you have reported that their dedicated server crashes on startup in the new version Alpha 3.4. This crash may be due to issues related to our switch to Unity 5.4. To solve these issues, we released a version of the game in which we disabled all audio sources.

You can download this version for your dedicated server on a special Steam branch called "serveronly"

HOW TO CHANGE to the Steam branch "serveronly"?
1. Open your Steam library
2. Right-mouse click on the Empyrion entry and open PROPERTIES
3. Head over to the BETAS tab
4. Select the "serveronly" branch from the dropdown and wait for the download to be finished.

IMPORTANT: The "serveronly" version should only be used for your dedicated server because it has all sound disabled.
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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Everyone who tried the experimental version of update 3.4 may already have noticed it: we dedicated most of the time for fixing bugs and working on some backend issues and game-mechanic improvements. For example, to reduce vessel loss, we added security check for playfield transfers and we changed the way how playfield servers save player and vessels. We hope this will improve the overall situation.

Besides bug fixing, we added a few new items and some smaller feature updates. For example, we reworked the landing gear mechanics. You can now dock your vessel in any direction and vessels remain docked when resuming a game (before vessels were not docked for the first couple of seconds after resuming a game which could lead to leaving-your-vessel-behind situations). However, the changes in docking mechanics have the following consequences:
1. You have to manually dock all your docked vessels once again when you resume a save game.
2. We had to change how the (i) Landing Gear T2 and (ii) Heavy Landing Gear T1 are orientated. If you load up your savegame after the update 3.4 you need to remove and replace those two to get the correct orientation again. These are the two affected landing gears:
Please note that workshop blueprints are not affected! We programmed a converter that automatically rotates the landing gears when spawning workshop blueprints.

3. All landing gears now have a docking point at their base, which means that you should not place them upside down anymore. We have seen that there are several blueprints out there that use landing gears upside down, as in this example:
Unfortunately, this will not be possible anymore because landing gears placed upside down will not dock anymore.

We are sorry for these inconveniences!

Moreover, we also changed the way how savegames are created: no ever-increasing savegame names anymore! The new mechanism will simply use the savegame name given when you first started your savegame and then just add or replace the suffix with the current the time and date. This works when making a copy or backup in the Resume Game menu and of course when saving the session from in-game!

We have also made the Vsync option more flexible. You can now set your desired framerate individually!.

Last but not least, we added several new deco items like benches, tables, storage containers and more. Give them a try and...