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    A new Dev Q&A livestream is coming on Thursday February 13th at 7pm GMT, live on Twitch and Youtube:

    Submit any questions you wish to ask the devs in this thread, we will try and get through them all on the stream.
    You can also submit questions via my discord server here:

    1. Please read through previous posts to make sure your question has not already been asked.
    2. Please be polite, no shit posting or flaming.
    3. Please do not discus questions here, please use other threads for that.

    During the livestream we will be covering:
    • Alpha 12 & and beyond
    • CPU & Flight model
    • Logistics.
    And of course as many community questions that we can get through.

    I hope to see you all soon :cool:

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  2. SacredGlade

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    Since Alpha 11 there has been much community feedback on various topics. How is this feedback being used by the Dev team and can you give some examples where community feedback has positively influenced the design team?
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    "... positively influenced the Design-Team..." :eek:

    You are joking, right?o_O
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  4. Sofianinho

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    1-What is A12 biggest focus ? building ? combat ? exploration ? maybe a bit of love for space ? space feels a little neglected compared to planets, both visualy and gampelay wise.
    2-With the new multi-solar system, is there going to be a change in how progression is handled ? from the current starter planet > moon > harder planets to maybe something like starter solar system > harder solar systems ?
    3-Is the new "pirate" faction gonna be in A12 and are there any new faction related gameplay, features or interactions ?
    4-Factory rework for A12 ? if so how's it gonna work for bases ?
    5-Are we going to get a new space skybox anytime soon ? the current one has destroyed countless eyes.
  5. EternalHeathen

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    Feb 15, 2019
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    Top speed limited by mass, why and can it go away? That's the only change from A11 that I couldn't see any merit in whatsoever.
  6. Ephoie

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    Can we expect to see Ice as a resource, for either planets or as a space resource? Ie asteroids/comets?

    Is a crouch function still on the future roadmap? We see zirax and talon have the functionality/animations, so why has this play mechanism not yet been implemented for the player? What are the conflicts in doing such?

    Are there plans for Multiple custom npc factions to be configured for better customization of scenarios? How soon if so? Could this lead to more dynamic faction warfare between npc factions? If not, what is preventing such, or what are the limitations?
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  7. Average

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    I have three questions.

    1 ) Emyprion is awesome but it's up against an increasing number of competitors. Space Engineers, soon also Starbase and Dual Universe. Maybe even No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous and eventually Star Citizen too. How is Empyrion hoping to differentiate itself? It seems to be heading down the huge procedural universe path, which can feel really empty. Has the team considered instead focusing on tools for smaller-scale user-made multiplayer experiences, unleashing the creativity of user-made world building, mechanics, content and story-telling that none of these competitors (especially a MMO) can really offer as effectively? (so kind of like a space adventure construction kit)

    2)Late game vehicles, including CVs, kind of lack specialised or interesting roles. For example, 95% of late-game ship have the same set of turrets (the max). Is there any plan to remove all specific 'device maximums' and fully replace it with a more natural, overall limitation (power and CPU)? So you effectively choose between devices and create a role for the ship? For example a missile destroyer (mostly missile turrets) or a lightly armed cargo ship (mostly cargo extenders)? Also, it would be a lot more immersive if 'device count' had a relationship with ship size. For example if generators were huge, you'd be naturally limited by how many fit inside the ship?

    Detailed generator/reactor proposal here:

    3) Why do you guys rarely comment on suggestions in the official forum? Is that a legal thing?

    Also, thanks devs for making the game. :)
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  8. idx64

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    Hi Spanj, I will not see the interview because I do not understand the language much, I hope you can comment later on the most important points to translate and get an idea. Thank you.-
    1) Will there finally be new AI enemies?
    2) In old versions the Rados was fast and lethal, because now it is like a plant?
    3) Will the camera block finally be put on?
    4) Will support support for Mods be supported?
    5) For this version the Pixelated Skybox will be fixed, Warpdrive will be animated, will the space / earth transitions be eliminated?
    6) Will there be support for generic joysticks?
    7) Will there be a crash collision?
    8) Why instead of increasing the speed (+200 m / ps) is it lowered?
    9) Will there be an official server in Latin America?
    10) When will the complete game be translated into Spanish?
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  9. Don't Panic

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    Jul 5, 2019
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    Where is Empyrion's path leading to, should it be a pseudo-realistic simulation.
    Can you switch off the new flight model in the future as with the CPU.
    After disconnect from MP server, you will be back in the pilot's seat after relog.
    There will be a fourth space NPC faction with random spawn in space that cannot be made friendly.
    How can I specialize with the new CPU function
  10. Kumbaya

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    Feb 11, 2020
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    To begin with, thank you very much for the game, you realized my childhood dreams of space, of spaceships, of exploration and creation. I bought the game 5 years ago and I am glad that over the years the game not only survived, but turned into something worthwhile. Nevertheless, I hope that it will develop, becoming even better and more interesting.

    (sorry for not too good english, it is not my native)

    1) Do you have plans for the development of NPC fractions? Now they are very arbitrary, there are only traders, but there are no people with whom you can chat, find out about something, there are no those who can take quests.

    2) It would also be interesting if trade could be developed. Is it possible to make players trade among themselves? One big auction for everyone who plays solo survival mode through the trading terminal?

    3) Ice as a resource, it would be logical to be able to mine it in space. Then, get oxygen and water from ice, as well as hydrogen

    4) I would like some more intelligible navigation in orbit, with the ability to search for interesting places. Is it possible to remake the radar in such a way that it could suggest approximate directions for points of interest that are far from the player at a considerable distance.

    5) More interior blocks for small craft, not enough beds, medical stations, tables. Sometimes there is a desire to make a full-fledged ship base as part of a small craft

    6) Skyboxes on the moons are different from skyboxes in the space of the star system, it probably hurts the eye pretty much, is there any way to fix this?

    Thank you again
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  11. scathson

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    I'm glad to see the CPU thing has died down - thought it was a great addition and gave us a real reason to visit traders - need more reason for traders - currently have 8 million credits waiting to be spent
    What would like to see at the traders is linking up inventory from your ship instead of the limited space available from your personal/player inventory (unless this can be done and i've missed it)

    Zirax AI - Eleon please fix - seriously - how did these idiots become masters of the universe

    oh yeah - information on a clear path this game is taking - seems rather random
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  12. Germanicus

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    The Path will not be revealed for sure...As soon as ELEON states what is intended the discussions would start and never stop again. So they do what is on their list and what they want to add (plus +300 or more "things" what the player suggested/requested/demanded) and when Alpha Ends all from their list is added. In Beta starts the fine Tuning and make it all fit together.
  13. Pantera

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    This is a issue that unfortunately cannot be reliably reproduced internally currently to examine.
  14. Khazul

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    Jan 15, 2020
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    Some questions:

    1. How will the development of the needs of PvP be balanced against those of PvE Co-op and Solo. Too often I see great solo and co-op games get pretty much destroyed by PvP balancing to the point that the co-op and solo experience actually becomes very limited and quite honestly boring.

    I suspect we already have a bunch of knee jerk reactiontype changes in place to the often exploitative nature of PvP in the form of CPU an in some cases particularly harsh device limits that can significantly stifle end game creativity and a sense of progression for solo and co-op as with such limits, I feel we hit a ceiling too quickly in solo and co-op, however I can fully understand the need to curb escalation or plain exploitation in PvP.

    We have a custom config system that many people are starting to customisation for various reasons - in my case because some of the choices made (presumably for PvP) are just stifling solo play too hard. Is there a plan in place to properly separate balancing for PvP and PvE, for eg by placing all impacting parameters and rules in the config.ecf and having a bunch of separate out of the box configs that are used according to the mode of play?

    2. Are there any plans to provide a deeper experience for solo and co-op PvE, so that there really is something meaningful to do having levelled up? Is the current unlocks/levelling mechanic subject to change, perhaps a research mechanic?
    Are unlock points going to tweaked (there are currently insufficient allocated, which again stifles end game without console command intervention).

    3. The factory - is there a plan to move this properly into the game by having an actual factory block? I can envisage something like the projector system from space engineers and maybe a nanite build system so you can see the blocks of your blueprint filling in the projection.
    Are there any plans to support progressive blueprints, for eg, you build an initial ship in a T1, level 7 unblocks state and later on when you have unlocked stuff, you can apply a progression blueprint to it to convert it to a L10, T2 version of the same, and later a T3 version etc. This could also allow for modular bases for eg as well.

    4. Also factory - is there a plan to introduce a means of a bulk recycling ships. A thing you can do in Space Engineers is pick up a wreck (ship, or parts of a base) and cart it back to your grinder pit for recycling and there are mods to improve much further with nanite build and recycling systems etc. Is there any plans to introduce such a mechanic?
  15. HoboTruth

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    Jan 3, 2019
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    -Will atmospheric drag be removed from space?
    -Will RCS CPU cost be reduced?
    -Will Max weapon/turret limits ever be removed or increased?
    -Will T4 CPU values be increased for any vessels?
    -Will BA CPU ever matter or penalize over limit bases?
    -Will the flight model ever be adjusted? ships used to fly smoother and more responsive
    -What factors affect drag?
  16. Scoob

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    I know mass-related top speed has been queried already above. However, to build on that, I'd really like to understand the devs thinking on this change. It sort of crept up on us, unannounced, and doesn't seem particularly popular, in part due to it's heavy impact during the relatively early-game stages, before the player can readily just build around it with more thrust - thrust that costs materials, power and CPU of course, which are in shorter supply in the early-game.

    I bring this subject up fairly often mainly due to its early-game impact, so it's important to me, and others I believe. Just understanding the devs thinking behind this one would be useful to aid further discussion / balance changes going forward. I've already suggested my own balance tweak on this, in the new flight mechanics thread. In essence saying how top speed should only be impacted after acceleration has been heavily impacted, thus making the reduced top speed less noticeable.

  17. boo

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    May 8, 2019
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    i just have one question :

    - will the game get some improvements on loading game and structures ? in multiplayer, when i join a party, i always have and need to relogg 2-3 times to get my bases full here without any missed part .
  18. Taelyn

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    Thats a bug. We need to find a way to reproduce it then were able to fix it.
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  19. Jollificator 2

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    1) Any new blocks/shapes in A12 ?
    2) New textures ? From last Q&A I understand they are a bit more difficult to add (slot-wise).
  20. Don't Panic

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    Sorry my English is not so good.
    I think there is a misunderstanding.

    I meant, it is possible that after a disconnect from a MP server, the player spawns again in the pilot's seat and not 2 to 7 km from the vessel.
    Of course only if he was sitting in the seat beforehand.

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